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Bear House Blend

Size: 200g
Grind: Wholebean

Additional Information

Developing Our Seasonal Blend

Roast Type: Espresso Roast
(Espresso Machine, Moka Pot or French Press)

Gianluca Mereu (Head Coffee Roaster & Greenbean Buyer):
“When finding the right ratio, aroma and taste for this coffee, I wanted to create something that our customers would love. Keeping it sweet, balanced and removing any acidity. Many customers love adding milk to their espresso, so it needed to compliment that. 

This house blend, The Dark Horse coffee, was made for someone who loves strong, sweet and well-balanced coffee that compliments milky coffee drinks. Ideal for those brewing using a French Press, Moka pot or Espresso machines.

While our coffee changes seasonally our ethos to deliver the highest quality seasonal coffee with the signature Bear taste!

About the Coffee
This blend consists of a gorgeous combination of Brazil Santa Izabel Yellow Bourbon (70%) and Colombia Estrella del Ostro (30%). Our House Blend changes depending on the time of year to reflect the freshness of the green beans.

Tasting notes: Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Balanced

  • Altitude: 1050 MASL
  • Process: Naturally Fermented (12-24 hours), Washed
  • Producers: 50-100 small coffee growers
  • Certification: 85.5% SCAA Speciality Grade Score & Certified B-Corporation Suppliers
  • Varieties: Caturra, Colombia, Castillo & Typica
  • Notes: Caramel, Chocolate & Orange

La Estrella del Ostro is a Colombian speciality coffee grown by various small-scale coffee growers from Belen. Belen is a small township located in the southern region of La Plata, Huila.

The beans are sustainably grown by 50-100 small coffee growers in Belén-La Plata and have scored 85.5% on the Speciality Coffee Association's quality score sheet, which is an exceptionally high score for a House Roast.

These small-scale producers share the same microclimates, favourable for cultivating high-quality coffee. “La Estrella del Ostro” gets its name from a star that shines notably bright most nights above the mountain range where this coffee is grown.

La Estrella del Ostro is a coffee as bright and sparkly as the star it is named after, we hope you enjoy this wonderful coffee.

Best suited for all brewing methodsthe Espresso and Filter Brewing Method (Espresso Machine, French Press, Moka Pot, Chemex, Aeropress and V60/Pourover).

Find the recommended recipe here.

You can rest assured, that you're getting one of the highest quality house coffees Ireland has to offer, while improving the livelihoods of others and fostering environmental stewardship.

We're achieving this by:

  • Paying higher prices to source our green beans than other coffee houses, to ensure fair and appropriate pay for working hours and quality beans.
  • Achieving greater supply chain transparency, to support and spearhead the eradication of child labour, safer working conditions and cleaner environmental practices.
  • Working directly with our farmers and coffee growers, without any muddy or corner-cutting intermediaries.
  • Fostering an ongoing working relationship with our farmers ensures a steady and reliable income so they can improve their living conditions and farming needs.
  • Monitoring and assessing our supply chain with thorough traceability and transparency reports.

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