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Bring 220g of water to 89 degrees Celsius. The grind texture should be slightly finer than sea salt. We will use between 15g-18g depending on how strong you like it.

Insert the filter into the AeroPress and use some hot water to wet the filter. This helps with the heating of the vessel.

Assemble the AeroPress.

You can put your AeroPress on top of a scale to make sure you are using the correct amount of coffee. The numbers of the AeroPress should be upside down.

Add the ground coffee to the Aeropress, be careful not to spill the coffee.

Start your timer. For the bloom, pour in your 220g of water. Then stir the grounds.

Put the cap on the aeropress, making sure it's on tightly. After 1 minute flip the aeropress onto your cup. Now press down on the Aeropress for 20/30s.

Unscrew the cap, and dispose of the ground coffee

Enjoy your coffee!

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