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Bear Market Coffee was born from humble beginnings in 2009. When Stephen and Ruth Deasy, recently qualified architects, struggled to find work during the recession. They decided to take the leap and open up their own stall in the Blackrock Market. 

Never ones to shy away from adversity, they decided to take the plunge despite the “Bear Market”.


After gaining huge traction from the local coffee lovers, they set up a permanent shop in Blackrock. After becoming one of the first specialty coffee shops in Dublin, we have quickly grown to 7 shops across Dublin. 

Turns out that architectural degree was good for something, as each coffee shop boasts a unique and stunning design, ensuring no two locations are the same.


Top tier coffee takes a lot of work, but we are proud of our processes and team. In fact, they are at the heart of everything we do. It’s our mantra to deliver exceptional coffee from green bean to cup, and we cut no corners when doing so.

Now with our very own, in-house, in-church, coffee roastery we have even more quality over the consistency, taste and balance of every single bean. We hand roast weekly to order, ensuring the highest quality coffee across all our coffee shops and online stores.


Gianluca is our Head of Coffee, and the man behind our delicious specialty coffee. He runs the roastery and roasts all our coffee by hand. He also sources all our green beans, building strong relationships with the farmers and suppliers, overseeing that our coffee is always ethical and of the highest integrity. 

Behind the scenes we have the team of Andrew, Liliia and Lillith who pack our orders for our online customers.


While our specialty coffee changes seasonally, our ethos doesn’t. We put an emphasis on only buying high quality, ethically sourced single-origin coffees. You can rest assured, that you're getting the highest quality coffee Ireland has to offer, while improving the livelihoods of others and fostering environmental stewardship.

Our Colombian House Roast and main suppliers are certified B-corp organisations and we work very hard to make sure our supply chain is always transparent and ethical.


We source our beans from all over the world including countries like Colombia, Ethiopia and Peru. We roast our green beans in our Loring roaster, 12kg at a time, and turn up the heat! 

This is where Gian's experience and style comes out, over the next 10 to 15 minutes the coffee beans are roasted at varying controlled temperatures. Small batch roasts of 12kg mean we have more control over the quality of the coffee. After the beans have destoned and stored for a few days for degassing, we test the quality a final time by tasting a batch. Once we’ve gotten the green light, our coffee is shipped to customers.


Another thing we’re proud of is our plans for the future. With our Loring Smart roaster we produce 80% less emissions than a traditional coffee roaster. This is a big step on our goal to be Carbon Neutral by 2025. 

Other steps we have taken on this journey include a fully electric fleet of delivery vehicles, carbon neutral packaging and making sure we get our beans through environmentally friendly farming practices. 

All of this comes together in a beautiful, sustainable, ethically-grown coffee, which we hope you can enjoy at home!



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