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Choose a Sage espresso machine for the ultimate in speed, convenience and flavour

Many of our espresso machines feature ceramic disc grinders that allow them to grind coffee beans at different temperatures. Some of these machines even come with a programmable timer for added convenience. That said, make sure to read through the description of each machine so that you can learn about their features before purchase.

Many of the brands of espresso machines available here in Ireland have been leaders in the industry since 1981, and their models cater to the needs and tastes of consumers worldwide.

Further information about each Sage machine can be found on the respective brand's website, which happens to be an excellent resource for information about each product and with customer service information. Some brands also have how-to's to help new buyers set up and use their espresso machines correctly.

Some of the most prestigious companies that produce espresso machines include Sage and Rocket. The companies have nearly over 100 years of experience between them when it comes to producing espresso and regular coffee machines that produce excellent tasting coffee.

These companies have several models available, but we only sell the best. If you want to get a top-quality machine, you certainly can't go wrong with the ones we have and we’d be more than happy to connect you directly with our product experts to discuss further before or after purchasing if you like.

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