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For this method we are using the Bialetti Moka Pot Induction 3 cup.

We will be using 16.5g of coffee, which is about 4 full teaspoons. The grind for this method is fine, similar to table salt.

The bottom chamber of the moka pot needs to be filled with cold water, until it is under the valve, never go over the safety valve! The approx amount of water would be 150 grams.

Add the ground coffee to the filter up to the top of the Moka Pot, it doesn’t have to be right to the edges. Make sure the coffee is spread evenly.

Screw the Moka Pot together.

When you place your Moka Pot on the stove make sure that the flame is medium to low.

The heat will make the water boil and the pressure will produce steam into the upper part of the Moka Pot. A gurgling sound will be the indicator that the coffee is done, you can now remove the Moka Pot from the stove.

Let the coffee settle and then you can enjoy!

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