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All types of coffee and brew machines require regular maintenance - even the automatic ones! That’s why we have made sure that all the machines stocked above are by leading brands such as Bialetti and Aeropress, meaning they come with easy-to-follow instructions and an instruction manual.

At Bear Market, we've done the heavy lifting needed to bring the best coffee brewers to you. Those who want a fully programmable coffee brewing system will find the best ones listed here. We have made sure to include machines that are more affordable than some other models, but you can choose between regular and bold brew strength.

Additionally, some machines can brew espresso-based drinks as well as iced and cold-brew coffee. They also have an auto-shutoff feature and an extra cup holder.

As you can see, we have quite a few different styles of coffee brewer machines available. Some of these come with features that will allow you to customise your brewing experience.

Other models can brew one to four cups of coffee, while some of the machines available can brew up to 17 cups. These machines will help you make the perfect cup of coffee, whether you're drinking it for a single cup or for an entire family.

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