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Master the art of coffee filtration with ease

Filter paper may differ in its porosity, thickness, and density. Every brand of filter paper sold by Bear Market has been handpicked, so they don’t have that characteristic papery taste associated with some of their lower quality counterparts. While all white filter paper may come across as being the same, they really aren’t.

Most paper filters are made of porous material, making the resulting paper highly absorbent. However, the porous nature of the paper makes it vulnerable to mildew and odor. Thus, it is essential to store filter papers in an airtight container to ensure that they are dry before using them to avoid bad-tasting coffee. The coffee filter papers should also be stored in a cool, dry place like your fridge to remain fresh. You also don’t want to buy more filter papers than you can use in a month. Sure, stocking up on them each month may be cumbersome, but it also means being able to use new filter paper each time.

At Bear Market, we don’t rely on marketing gimmicks like so-called bamboo coffee filters to sell you expensive products. These filtration products are sourced from the very best brands of filter paper in our experience, and in stocking them, we can guarantee that you’ll have the same experience too.

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