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Embrace your inner barista with best kit possible

At Bear Market, we’ve got several types of coffee accessories, from stirrers and descalers to knock boxes and other equipment, guaranteed to enhance your coffee-making and consuming experience.

Using these accessories will help improve your coffee-brewing skills and make the whole process more enjoyable. Thousands of people across Ireland have used the items available in our inventory in recent years and our community has come to trust Bear Market to sell only the very best coffee equipment and accessories.

Our dedicated team of in-house coffee experts have handpicked every accessory, using our years of experience in the coffee industry and personal experience with each item. Each item available is manufactured and supplied by a leading brand in the coffee industry. That’s why we know that these are some of the best items for anyone who wants to prepare professional quality coffee at home or a commercial establishment.

Every product is of the highest quality and is guaranteed to ensure an excellent service life, saving you time and money in the long term. If anything, they will also help make aspects of preparing, serving, and cleaning and maintaining your coffee machine easier and faster than it would be without it. In other words, these accessories can save you a great deal of time and all without costing you an arm and a leg!

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