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Pour over in style with a robust coffee kettle

The primary device used to make the pour-over coffee process possible is a gooseneck style kettle and it works in tandem with pour drippers. The kettle will work with a pour-over dripper like a Hario V60 or a Kalita Wave though you may have not considered the kettle as a crucial part like the dripper or your bean grinder. The right kettle, one that is designed to help brew a cup of coffee with gorgeous crema, can make a world of difference when compared to any other ordinary kettle.

The gooseneck pour-over kettle gives brewers complete control over how well the water is distributed and how much. The steam and shape of water flowing through the grinds all affect the nature of the extraction. Better extractions translate to better-tasting coffee - it's that simple. Our selection of gooseneck kettles make getting that perfect extraction possible. Each one is designed with brewing pour-over coffee in mind, right down to how well the thermometer is calibrated. 

We’ve narrowed all the goose kettles in the market right down to the very best in our experience above. So, instead of overwhelming you with options, we present you with only the very best ones that you can’t go wrong with, saving time and lots of effort.

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