Kalita wave Glass dripper 155

Size: 155

Additional Information

The Kalita Glass Wave Dripper #155 has a cone shaped and flat-bottom design with three triangulated holes. The dripper is used with patented Wave paper filters, and it has crystal clear glass walls. The flat-bottom slows down the draining to encourage a more balanced and consistent coffee extraction. The Wave filters force the coffee grounds and water to remain in contact for the entire brew, encouraging even more consistency and balance. The Wave dripper fits with the Kalita glass server or can go directly on top of your coffee cup.

Basic Kalita Wave Instructions, 1-2 cups:

Grind 16 g of coffee at a medium setting and place into the filter
Pour 32 ml of hot water over the grounds, then rest for 30 seconds
Pour the remaining 270 ml of water in slow, concentric circles

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