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The Best Coffee for Sage Machines

1. Finding The Right Roast for Espresso
Our coffee range is versatile and can work with all the popular brewing methods. However, our espresso roast coffees have been specifically roasted with Espresso Machines and Sage in mind.

On our website, or other Irish Speciality Coffee Roasters you will notice coffee is often categorised into either Espresso Roast or Filter Roast.

For any Sage or Espresso products, we recommend you go for beans that are geared towards Espresso for a more balanced and smooth taste. 

Below is a list of some of our favourite countries to source Single Origin Espresso beans. However, to get the most out of your machine, we recommend you use 1kg or 500g of each coffee before switching it out for a different roast or blend.

    2. Single Origin Coffee & Our Recommendations
    It’s generally believed the most optimal conditions for growing coffee exist in well-established growing countries like those of Central America. Some of our favourite countries to source espresso coffee beans are:

    1. Colombia
    2. Brazil
    3. Rwanda
    4. Guatemala
    5. Ethiopia
    6. El Salvador

    3. Bear Market's Most Popular Espresso Coffees
    Our famous House Roast: "The Holy Roast
    " is a Single Origin coffee hailing from Colombia. The green beans are supplied by Caravela, a certified B Corporation, who work via direct trade with the coffee farmers to ensure the beans are of the highest quality and always ethically sourced. With tasting notes of caramel and orange and a medium-light roast, this coffee is ideal for espresso orders. It's what we serve behind the coffee bar, in all our Bear Market stores.

    House Blend: "The Dark Horse"
    Our house blend consists of a gorgeous combination of Brazil (70%) and Colombia (30%). Our seasonal House Blend changes depending on the time of year to reflect the freshness of the green beans. It's beautiful Dark Chocolate, Caramel and Nutty tasting notes make it the perfect americano or milky coffee drink. This coffee was made specifically for the at home barista. We've worked closely with the Sage team to ensure that our coffee is pulling the perfect shot.

    Brazil - Monte Verde
    Fazenda Monte Verde, the grower of this beautiful green bean, is a consistent finalist in the Brazilian Cup of Excellence Competition and for good reason. This coffee is grown in a region that has excellent growing conditions for the production of high quality coffees. It's an internationally recognised espresso bean by coffee experts from around the globe.

    4. Bear Market's Roasting Philosophy
    Every single day, our coffee is lovingly roasted to order for our online customers from our Roastery in Stillorgan. After an adequate resting period (1 week), we've timed it so that it arrives on your door at the perfect time to grind and drink! A little rest, so that it can degas but not too much so you have the perfect, aromatic freshness for your brew. We recommend consuming coffee within 3 months of its roast date.

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