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Community Event – Coffee Tasting @ Bear Market Roastery

Join us for our first Bear Market coffee tasting event of 2022! We will be tasting new and upcoming coffees, roasted right here in our Stillorgan HQ!

We take coffee education seriously because we believe that understanding the why and how of coffee helps you get the most out of each sipping experience and find your favourite regions and flavours!
At the event we will be tasting coffees together, learning about the process of choosing which coffees to roast and how to understand and discern different tasting notes.
You will also receive a sample bag of each of the coffees you taste (200g in total) and a coupon for ten €2 coffees, redeemable in any Bear Market cafe.
We will be rotating these events through all our stores, starting with our Roastery in Stillorgan on Thursday, September 15th!
We encourage taking the time to really taste and note a few flavours that stand out to you. If you need help picking the words to describe your favourite coffees, Marko will be on hand to help you! This can help narrow down which coffee to try next and purchase.
You can find all flavours and taste descriptors on the front of all of our bags to help find coffees in a profile you may enjoy—even if it’s from a producer or country that you’ve never tried before.
Limited number of tickets available, you can purchase and learn more about the event through Eventbrite here.

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