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We don’t compromise on quality when it comes to tea

Every aspect of this excellent tea product has been well thought out to deliver the best possible experience. For instance, there is a reason why our brand has opted to use silk tea bags instead of regular ones.

Some tea manufacturers use an anti-breakage agent called epichlorohydrin to prevent the tea bags from breaking during shipping. This substance breaks down in the water and is transferred to your cup.

Many doctors advise people against drinking water containing high levels of epichlorohydrin since it can cause stomach problems and increase your risk of cancer. To avoid this, reliable, high-end brands like Wall & Keogh opt to use biodegradable teas made from silk.

Every tea available at Bear Market is meant to deliver an experience. After all, drinking tea is more about experiencing its aroma, flavour, and unique aftertaste with each sip. It’s an experience that regular green tea or even black tea is unable to deliver.

Not only are these teas perfect for those who enjoy drinking tea, but they are great for people who want to try something other than their regular cup of coffee that we’re best known for. We guarantee that a single tea bag will change the way you think about tea!

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