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Brew à la Française with the classic French Press

The kettle will also save you the trouble of boiling the water on the stove, which could end up burning your coffee. The other important feature is a gooseneck spout. The unique spout design helps you pour hot water with precision.
Available in both electric and stovetop versions means you enjoy the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Anyone who enjoys their morning cup of coffee should buy a French press coffee maker. It is portable and more efficient than other types of coffee makers. The travel mug version is incredibly convenient and sturdy plastic with a drinking hole.

Its portability is a plus for many people. It is also popular among backpackers and hikers arriving in Ireland who may crave caffeine whilst camped out in the middle of nowhere. Compared to other coffee-making methods, the French press is easier and faster when making the perfect cup of coffee.

When buying a French press coffee maker, make sure to check if it has a removable mesh filter. This filter should unscrew from the metal rod on the lid. This feature will allow you to clean the filter properly after use. The filters can also be easily replaced. That said, filters are inexpensive for most models you can buy at Bear Market, but some can be expensive.

Finally, we have some great-tasting coffee to go along with the French press. The coffee is handpicked, and we can guarantee you'll enjoy it!

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