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Reusable travel mugs for busy coffee-lovers on the move

Our keep cups are the perfect choice for coffee makers and drinkers alike. Each vessel above is well-designed, guaranteeing the perfect pour while easily sitting under the group heads of your coffee machine, keeping the crema and extract boldly intact. In addition, these keep cups offer drinking pleasure for coffee lovers on the go.

The cups are splashproof, with a press-fit lid allowing enough room for your nose. The mouthpiece ensures the ideal flow of liquid and aroma through it. All in all, these keep cups offer an excellent experience, with the lid off or on. Plus, they are lightweight, very easy to carry, and will fit comfortably in your hand.

The cups are also designed to be hygienic. The plug closure helps keep the mouthpiece covered when you’re not sipping coffee. But it is also easy to open and clean. All keep cups are easily hand washable, with all parts within it easy to reach, making these portable coffee cups easily some of the best on the market.

All you need is to choose the cups that look best to you. Most of all, these are all highly affordable and can be reused several dozen (if not hundreds of) times, helping you play your part in reducing the burden of plastic waste in Ireland.

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