House Blend + Coffee Fragrance Candle

House Blend + Coffee Fragrance Candle

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Origin: Guatemala and Colombia

Our famous house blend which consists of Guatemalan and Colombian beans. 100% organic and rainforest alliance.  Tasting notes of caramel, hazelnuts and milk chocolate. Ideal for espresso or filter. 

 Coffee  Fragrance Candle

Size:  Medium = 180ml = 30-35 hours burn time.

Lisa from The Irish Chandler tested and experimented with different supplies. She found the perfect combination of cotton core wicks and natural soy wax (unfortunately there isn’t a great climate in Ireland to grow soybeans but the wax is supplied by an Irish based distributor). These two simple components combined with the finest quality fragrance oils produces longer burning non-toxic scented candles, that are safe to use in around the home or in any workplace.