Mother's Day - Coffee and Origami Dripper

Mother's Day - Coffee and Origami Dripper

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We have created this special bundle for Mother's Day.

Carefully packed with a special card for Mother Day included. Write a personalized note at check out and we can add it to your order. 


Origin: Colombia
Region: Cundinamarca
Farm: Finca El Imperial
Variety: Castillo
Altitude: 1550m
Process: Honey
Fermentation: 72 hours

The coffee is hand picked and hand selected to ensure the sweetest cherries are in the cup.

We have used innovative techniques for the fermentation. We have disinfected the coffee previous to the fermentation so we can get rid of undesirable microorganisms that can ruin the process and also extend the fermentation longer. It is actually a lactic fermentation. After 72h in a bioreactor, the coffee was depulped and sun dried.
As a matter of fact we enhanced the red fruity notes and it is a little bit winey. So it would be great for either espresso or filtered coffee.

Origami Dripper

This dripper, blooms like a flower, is made up of 20 straight ribs. The deep and wide conical space in the dripper allows coffee powder to expand beautifully. The large hole at the bottom ensures a path for water to flow smoothly, reducing the chance of clogging and over extraction, allowing you to brew a clean and bright cup of coffee.

  • Japanese traditional Mino Pottery
  • Cone-shaped structure
  • Folding ribs leads to a very smooth flow