Bear House Roast + Tonka Bean & Myrrh Candle

Size: 180ml + 200g
Grind Type: Wholebean

Additional Information

Bear Mrkt & The Home Moment - Tonka Bean & Myrrh Fragrance Candle
Size: 180ml or 500ml with 30-60 hours burn time.

Taking you home to warm afternoons spent in great company, reimagining the world together over a hot cup of coffee. The warm smell of tonka bean, myrrh and vanilla fills the air, reminiscent of a moment when time stood still, blissfully encapsulated by the rich flavourful present. 

There is a plantable seed card included in each candle box that has a scannable QR code bringing you to a library of Bear Market Coffee Shop recordings. Light your home moment candle while you're working from home or when you're sitting down for meditation and listen to the original recordings from our in-house Roastery at Stillorgan. Let us transport you.

Bear House Roast Coffee
Size: 200g
Origin: Colombian (La Plata, Huila).

Our famous Colombian House Roast. A Colombian speciality coffee known locally as "La Estrella del Ostro," which means "Star of the Southern Wind". This coffee is grown by various small coffee growers in the southern region of La Plata, Huila.  Tasting notes of caramel, hazelnuts and milk chocolate. Ideal for espresso or filter. 


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