Ethiopia - Chelichele

Ethiopia - Chelichele

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  • Coffee Grade: Yirgacheffe GR. 1 Anaerobic Natural                                     
  • Region: Chelichele
  • Process: Anaerobic Natural
  • Altitude: 1700 MASL
  • Varietal: Jarc Varieties, Local Landraces
  • Farm: Worka Chelichele Washing Station 

Tasting Notes:  Apple, Citrus and Peach

The sealed, oxygen-less environment encourages specific microbial interactions, resulting in bright, fruity Naturals with complex floral and citrus notes.

We already know that coffee transcends national and international boundaries and Worka Chelichele washing station demonstrates just that. According to political boundaries, the station is in Gedeb Woreda but according to the congruence of microclimates and tastes, the station and the farms that deliver to it are in Yirgacheffe.

Our in-country partner, Tracon Coffee, has been experimenting with new processing methods as a way to increase value and stand out among a growing number of specialty washing stations in Ethiopia. Tracon has been trialing anaerobic fermentation with several of their washing stations in Yirgacheffe  since 2015.


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