V60 pour over method

Step 1

For this recipe we will be using 30g of coffee to 500g of water. This will make
two cups of coffee. The type of grind for this method will be coarser than table salt.

Step 2

Weigh out 30g of coffee into your filter. 

Pre wet the filter. This also heats the v60 itself, and the mug.

Pour out this excess water.

Step 3

Add the ground coffee to the V60 filter.

Spread the coffee nice and evenly.

Step 4

We like to do 3 pours in total, to bring the total amount of water to 500g. 

Start a timer, and pour in about 60-70g of water to bloom the coffee. Do this in a circular motion.

After 30 seconds, start your second pour up to about 150g.

When this water filters through you can pour in the rest of the water.


Step 5

Allow all the water to drip through the coffee.


Step 6

 Once this is completed, you can enjoy it!

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