Sage Bambino Plus + 200g of Coffee
Sage Bambino Plus + 200g of Coffee
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Sage Bambino Plus + 200g of Coffee

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Included in the package is 200g of our House Blend.

The Bambino Plus does not compromise on the four key elements for true café quality coffee. Delivering barista quality performance using a 54mm portafilter with 19 grams for full flavour and an automatic steam wand for milk texturing that delivers true handsfree microfoam at the right temperature, just as you would see from the top of the line the Oracle Touch. With a 3 second heat up time from a cold start, along with instantaneous transition from extraction to steam, you can make a coffee even faster.

  • Compact footprint.
  • Automatic milk frothing.
  • Adjustable milk temperature &
  • texture.
  • 3 Second heat up time.
  • Precise PID Temperature Control.
  • Auto Steam Wand purge function.
  • Low Pressure Pre-infusion.
  • 9 Bar OPV.
  • 19g portafilter basket.
The Sage Bambino plus come packaged with a nice array of small extras that give you everything you need to get going as a home barista. In the box with the machine is a plastic tamper, stainless steel frothing pitcher, and Sage’s ‘razor’ tool designed to help level off your espresso shots.

The razor tool is actually quite useful at clearing stray coffee grounds from the top of the basket and the 480ml steel jug helpfully shows min and max levels for use with the machine.

The metal jug accessory is included as it works best with the Bambino Plus. This is because a sensor under where the container sits on the drip tray tells the machine how hot the milk is getting during automatic frothing and you know…metal conducts heat well.

Sage also throws in a water filter, cleaning tablet, and disk for when you need to descale your machine, with detailed instructions on how to do this offered in the manual, which is also in the box along with a two-year repair, replace or refund guarantee.

It also comes with a 54mm portafilter and 1 & 2 cup dual wall and 1&2 cup single wall portafilter baskets