Choice is key for those who like it chilled (or icy!)

If you're planning to make large batches of cold brew, a general-use espresso machine is better than a dedicated cold brewing machine; you can check out the ones we currently have in stock coffee grounds from the brew. The coffee grounds are steeped at room temperature or cold water for 12 to 24 hours. After brewing, used grounds are removed, and the concentrate is collected. Dilute it with 1 or 2 parts water and enjoy your freshly-brewed cup of cold brew.

Using a coffee brewer can be complicated; that’s why the right equipment will make the process easier. The upside of our cold brewing equipment is that you can make delicious drinks at home.

We know the costs and quality of the product are essential factors for many of our customers, that’s why the machines you see here offer the best value for money, for what they cost. In other words, great-tasting cold brew for the price!

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