We have partnered up with some of Irelands best suppliers to make sure our customers get the best quality products. Its exciting to work with such passionate people who take every care to create the perfect product for Bear market. Here are some of the awesome people we work with.


Sprout & Co Juices  

We have sourced only the best juices for our bear market customers, coming locally from Sprout & Co Juices. At Sprout they focus on providing customers with the most nutritionally dense cold pressed juices. Creating juices that are not only tasty but pure, unprocessed and carefully sourced. We have a variety of flavours stocked in bear including, the beet it, sweet green and vit hit. 


Sprout & Co Juices 

Coffee Culture

We are delighted to work very closely with Alan Andrews from Coffee Culture to ensure quality and freshness in every cup. Our Coffee beans are roasted weekly in Dublin for Bear Market in small batches to ensure quality for our customers. 

We roast to order to ensure that you receive the freshest coffee possible. We also constantly taste and evaluate our batches to ensure the quality of each offering. 

Coffee Culture - Artisan Coffee Specialists 


Coffee Mojo, Silverskin, Bailies Coffee Roasters

We also work with a variety of micro Irish roasters to bring our customers exciting new flavours. These include guest blend espresso, single origin and single estate coffee. Our roasting partners are always Irish and local to support business in our area.  Our roasters focus on coffees from single farms, estates and cooperatives. Single origin coffee offers the coffee drinker an opportunity to take in the unique aromas and flavours of particular regions of a given country and experience how these aromas and flavours change with the seasons. You can ask our barista's in store what they have to offer, or shop online some of our amazing coffee beans here