At Bear Market we believe that fine coffee is something that everyone should enjoy. Our philosophy at Bear market is to Connect and interact with our customers and create a vibrant and positive environment. More than just a coffee retailer, Bear market coffee provides a coffee ‘experience’ which informs and creates its customers, providing a distinct competitive advantage. Bear Market prides itself on producing the best quality artisan espresso made by talented trained baristas accompanied by freshly baked pastries, scones and cake slices. 

Myself and Ruth graduated from architecture in 2009.  We spent a brief period as aspiring architects before the realisation that we would need to emigrate if we were to continue the search for an architecture career. Having close family ties here in Ireland we were reluctant to do so. Always quick to see an opportunity we quickly came up with the bright idea - Bear Market Coffee following on from our passion for all things quality. Named ‘Bear Market’ a cheeky nod to the bear market to which our architecture career had fallen victim. Thank God for all that! The result of the above adventure is the Bear Market Coffee that we know today. The store’s rugged design features are once again a nod to the economic market from which the business was born.

Our coffee is just as robust and considered as the interior. We trained as a barista's and despite our extensive knowledge of the product we adamantly shun the notion of coffee snobbery. We firmly believe that consumers deserve a good quality product without the intimidation. Atmosphere and Customer service within Bear Market Coffee is paramount to its success. At Bear Market we focus on delivering a high quality product and service to all our customers, brightening their day. We believe that education is also intrinsic to our success, this is done both formally and informally either through impromptu coffee conversations over the counter or within one of our structured coffee classes. We believe that the more knowledgeable our customers are the more they will appreciate the lengths we go to to provide them with the perfect cup.

We want to get people inspired about quality coffee in a relaxed and inviting way. Drop in and we'll be more than happy to talk you through all our different coffees, teas and of course treats:)