Hario Cafe Press Slim - Clean Coffee with No Grounds


Hario Cafe Press Slim - Clean Coffee with No Grounds


Nobody really enjoys a cup of coffee that is full of coffee grounds that much. And Hario Cafe Press allows you to change all of that. Add around 15g of coffee for 240ml of water.Simply insert the coffee, leave for around four minutes then smoothly press and extract all the goodness and flavour from the grounds, leave the annoying unnecessary coffee grounds out! Enjoy clean and full of flavour coffee.

Hario Cafe Press Design

The highly durable Hario Cafe Press has a slim shape with the body made of heat-resistant glass, stainless steel and a silicone rubber central filter shaft and a polypropylene (plastic) lid knob. Its size is 11 x 8 x 17 centimetres. The Hario french press device has a capacity of 240 millilitres which means you can ether serve one large cup or 2 smaller size cups.

Hario Cafe Press Slim Includes :

  • 1x Hario Cafe Press Slim (CPSS-2TB)
  • High Durability
  • Clean Coffee
  • Stainless Steel
  • Heat-Proof Glass
  • Polypropylene Lid
  • Capacity 240 ml 1 – 2 Cups

Hario Has You Covered

The hario Cafe Press can be returned back to us. As long as you do it within specified period and in its original packaging you will be entitled to a refund. This applies to all Hario coffee equipment and allows you to shop safely and with great confidence at hario.co.uk.

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Do not forget to grind very coarsely (the Mini Mill and Skerton are excellent for this),  You can also check out our listing of an amazing Hario French Press with Olive Wood Handle.

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