Coffee Gear Barista Scale & Timer

Coffee Gear Barista Scale & Timer


Precision is important when it comes to coffee making. After all, when you consider the amount of work that goes into sourcing, picking, processing, roasting and shipping the stuff around the planet, it seems obvious that it should be weighed properly – and that means investing in scales.

This dainty little scale is perfect for the barista who doesn’t have much space to spare! It’s perfect for weighing the dose into a filter basket, or the extraction into an espresso. The surface of the scale is a mere 7cm2, meaning that it will take up barely any room on your counter – and that, if required, it can be slipped into your pocket for brewing on the move.

The Dose scale comes with two triple-A batteries, allowing you to use it immediately. Its blue, backlit LCD display is tilted, allowing you to easily see the reading as you’re weighing – even if you’re making coffee where the lighting conditions aren’t ideal. It can weigh up to 500g, accurate to 0.1g.

What more could you wish for? If you’re looking for an effective set of scales for your coffee making for a very reasonable price, and space is at a premium, then there are few better candidates that this one.

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