Yagua Barista Scale & Timer

scales brew YAGUA 1000GX0.1 G.jpg
scales brew YAGUA 1000GX0.1 G.jpg
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Yagua Barista Scale & Timer


Brew scale with built in timer which works independently of the scale and an easy-to-use single key control. Dual display allows barista to view weight and time simultaneously. Corona Coffee supply this product with its own pouch. This item is not water-resistant or waterproof.

Product features
• Brand: Yagua
• Capacity: 1000g, with overload protection
• Accuracy: 0.1g
• Units of Measure: G/OZ
• Platform build: Stainless steel with detachable lid/tray
• Platform size: 75mm x 64mm
• Colour: black
• Key Functions: Auto-Off, Tare/Cal
• Display: LCD with green backlight
• Power: 2 AAA batteries (included)

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