Review with Le Cool Dublin

An artisan cafe with strong claims to hipster cool has just staked its claim in one of the most cultivated strongholds of Dublin’s suburban savannah: Blackrock. Their cafe fixtures have been re-purposed from architectural cast-offs made with skeletal steel, copper fixings and base plywood. Signage is scrawled chalk set on tiny blackboards.

Roughly hewn sandwiches rest reassuringly on slate, with trendy snacks beckoning from the exposed brick walls. As you start the purchasing process, a barista-Jedi counsels gently on the coffee roast befitting your current state of mind whilst tapping into the IPad App that (wait for it), IS the cash register. And the cherry on the top? Sitting next to the owners as they tell you their story behind the Tuxedo-ed Bear poster on the wall. / Elish Bul-Godley


Stephen DeasyComment