Super Easy Falafel


 Prep time: 20 mins  -   Level: Easy

We make gluten free falafel wraps for lunch in Bear Market which always sell out! This falafel recipe is so easy to make and really delicious. We wrap it up in a gluten free wrap with hummus, salad leaves,roasted red peppers and a dash of lemon juice.   The falafel keeps well for a few days, making them perfect for a lunch box! 

What you need: 

500g dried Chickpeas

100g flat leaf Parsley

100g Coriander

6 cloves Garlic peeled and crushed

2 glugs of Olive Oil

2 tbsp. of Gluten Free plain flour

Sunflower oil

Salt and Pepper


Soak the chickpeas overnight in salted water.  Drain, rinse and then blend in a food processor until they resemble sawdust.  Put them aside in a bowl while processing the herbs with the olive oil and garlic (crush first).   Add this mixture to the chickpeas and season well.  Add the flour and shape into small balls. 

Heat up the sunflower oil in a wide pan and cook a batch of balls turning until they are crisp and golden.  Drain on kitchen paper and enjoy on their own or in a delicious wrap for lunch. 

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